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Choose your preferred finish, then call or
send email for pricing and a lead time. Glass
shades/globes may be selected from our
in-store stock, or from the resources found
in our glass shades/globes web page.

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Twin Light Desk Lamp

This elegant twin light desk lamp is a Nostalgia Lighting design fashioned after an old library table lamp that can be modified to your specifications.  Each lamp is constructed from solid brass and/or copper components and is made-to-order which gives you the opportunity to choose from any of our seven finish options (see below). The fixture can be constructed as you see it, or it can be shortened for smaller spaces.  Glass shade options are virtually endless.  Do you have a color in mind?

The brown cloth covered cord has a standard length of six feet, but if you need more to reach a certain socket, don't hesitate to ask.

Each socket is a UL approved porcelain socket rated for over 100 Watts with insulated wiring to handle the heat.  We do construct our lights to handle the heat for extreme lighting needs, but our recommendation is that you start with 60 Watts and move up to 75 Watts if necessary.  Anything above that is simply considered "rude" lighting.

Handcrafted in the USA.

Available in the following finishes:
Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Light Darkened Brass (like Antique Brass), and Dark Darkened Brass (like Oil Rubbed Bronze).  The riser and arms can be made with polished or antiqued copper for mixed copper and brass or copper and nickel finish options.

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